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Chicago Center for Global Ministries

To meet the growing challenges to preparation for ministry posed by globalization trends today, CTS, LSTC and MTS established the Chicago Center for Global Ministries (CCGM) in 1993. The purpose of the center is to coordinate current resources and build upon those resources to meet the globalization challenge for ministry, especially in world mission, cross-cultural ministries, interreligious dialogue, urban ministries and issues of justice, peace and ecology.

CCGM serves as a focus point for these areas of ministry by coordinating course offerings, offering a forum for faculty discussion, and providing a locus for new research efforts in these areas of globalization. At a time when theological education is becoming more international and multicultural, and the world manifests concern for particularity and greater possibilities for communication, the work of CCGM embraces these paradoxes and complexities as the location for training ministers for the 21st century.

For additional information, contact Dr. José Rodríguez, LSTC and Dr. Edmund Chia, CTU, associate directors, at the CCGM office at CTU; phone: 773.363.1342; fax: 773.363.1343; e-mail: