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The Association of Chicago Theological Schools is a collaborative effort by twelve theological schools in the Chicago metropolitan area whose aim is to enhance the educational activities at each of the schools through the sharing of resources and cooperative planning. Each of the ACTS schools shares a common purpose of preparing men and women for ministry. Recognizing that by cooperating together the ACTS schools can provide more than the sum of their individual efforts, the ACTS schools are committed to seeking ways in which their cooperation benefits schools individually and collectively. By cooperating in joint planning and the sharing of resources, the schools of ACTS are able to live out certain values that are commonly held:

  • Good stewardship of assets
  • Ecumenical witness in the Church and world
  • Theological discussion across traditions


Through the Common Council comprised of the presidents and academic deans, ACTS supports a number of activities and joint ventures that are reflective of its values. These activities and joint ventures include:

  • Coordinated library collection development and cooperation
  • Cross-registration among schools
  • Joint education programs
  • Facilitation of collegial discussions among faculties


In addition to the cooperative preparation of men and women for ministry, ACTS seeks to encourage critical thinking about the major issues that currently challenge the Church and the world.