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The Association of Chicago Theological Schools approaches its future with hope. We seek to develop a strong collaboration and urgency for the mission of ACTS. Our collaborative mission will manifest itself in many ways as we:

  • Creatively serve new constituencies
  • Invite new partners to join in the Association
  • Support each other in ways that strengthen all member schools
  • Provide public venues for the discussion of important issues
  • Model dialogue and conversation as modes of theological inquiry and reflection
  • Find new ways of deploying and utilizing faculty
  • Learn to speak with a common voice
  • Focus on major theological and institutional issues together
  • Introduce programs and patterns to develop and form leaders and leadership
  • Share new forms and modes of technology
  • Work to develop collaborative curricula and academic life


We have entered this millennium with confidence and vision. We are assured of the necessity for the ACTS alliance and mission as an important strength for member institutions. We will pursue our service in the rich context of the Chicago metropolitan area with consequences that extend nationally and internationally. We proceed into the future with thanksgiving and a sense of the grace and guidance of God.